Ancient history

I became interested in radio at school and started listening first on Top Band with an army-surplus WS19.

Originally I was licensed as G8LFJ in January 1976, and over the next year or so became interested in DX on 2 metres through to 23 cm. I realised that some of this DX had to be worked on the key, and also wanted to join the VHF net on 20 metres to arrange skeds via meteor scatter. That meant I had to pass the Morse Test, and I acquired my call sign G4MCU in June 1981.

My passions were spread between Sporadic E, meteor scatter and aurora as well as tropo “lifts” around Europe.

A change of circumstances in the mid-eighties caused me to go QRT and I am only just reviving my amateur radio activities, and trying to get up to speed.

Here is the Radio Amateurs Exam I passed in 1975. I am not surprised I found it difficult.