Ham Radio Circa 1975

I have an FT200, probably around the same vintage as the FT101B here. I bought it secondhand around 1978. I will try firing it up one day. Even if you did not homebrew much, you needed to know what you were doing. No “all-band” 160m to 23cms rigs then.


My dad earned his amateur radio license in 1950 when he was 10 years old. His first station consisted of a Collins transmitter and receiver into a long wire antenna. From the QSL cards that survived, he worked the world with those radios. The hobby led him to being a radioman in the US Navy after high school.

During a recent trip home, I took possession of what is left of dad’s radio station, the one I remember as a small boy.


Now I am stepping back in time to see if I can get the station back on the air. There has been no power applied to anything since the late 1980s. The electrolytic capacitors probably are dry as bone. The tubes probably are tender too and will require a lot of TLC and a variac to get them going again.

Yaesu FT-101B HF Transceiver


This is one rugged…

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  1. Wow my first rig was a FT-200.


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