My absence

I have not posted recently as I have not been on the radio. I was taken very seriously ill last November and have been in hospital up to a couple of days ago, Friday 15th January. I am currently in a care home. I hope to make a full recovery but it will take time. I hope to be back on the radio and soon.


4 responses to “My absence

  1. Hi Jon, was discussing last night with G1NOX and G4XDZ that we hadn’t heard you on the air for a while and I found your page. Cracking page btw.
    Anyway we would like to wish you a speedy recovery and look forward too chatting with you very soon.
    Kind Regards Jon G7JYL

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    • Jon, I do appreciate your kind comments. I am well on the mend now. I am just back on the radio and had a contact with Mal today. I hope to speak to you soon.


  2. Jonathan Sage

    Very nice to hear from you Jon. We were very worried, as no one knew what had happened to you. Glad that you have on the road to recovery and it will be my pleasure to work you again.
    I now have 2, 70 ad 23cms, would like a signal report from 23cms as outside of a contest there isnt much about. Speak soon and so releaved that you are on the road to recovery, 73’s Jon

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