I learned yesterday that Mal Guthrie, G1NOX, Dartford, had gone Silent Key. I never met Mal in person but since my return to radio four years ago we had many contacts, and he came across as a very caring and interesting guy. I know he enjoyed dancing (jiving) and liked old cars, but we discussed so many things.

Mal had OFCOM withhold his details and you would not find him on QRZ.com, yet he was a stalwart on 2 metres SSB, calling CQ pretty much every day on 144.30 SSB. He worked us locals, and up and down the country with a decent set-up and was also on 70 cms. I know he enjoyed working serious VHF DX too, though I think he did not keep much of a log as many of us do.

There will be many people throughout most of the UK who will remember Mal, mostly for 2 metres, and he will be much missed, and certainly very much by me. RIP Mal, a really nice chap.


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  1. Jon Sage (G7JYL)

    Hi Jon
    That’s very lovely words written.
    Mal was an amazing character who I enjoyed calling my friend.
    He was the second Kent 2 meter beacon.
    Like you said he worked all over the country and dx as well. Never kept a log, but could tell you who he worked and when.
    Mal and myself were in contact daily. Either in the air or through the telephone. I enjoyed every time I
    Spoke to
    Him and he always lifted the spirits.
    He will be missed by many people up and down the country.
    No longer will they get a Mal-function as he called it.
    True gent and a great operator.
    I have to stop because I’m getting emotional.

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  2. Thank you, Jon. I was privileged to know Mal if only over the radio, but “only” is maybe not the right word as we became so familiar with so many contacts. I first “met” Mal at the beginning of February 2018 just after I returned from my long break from amateur radio. Always cheerful and upbeat. He felt like a friend to me too and I often expected him to pop up on 144.30, especially getting on for 6, clock time. I will very likely be thinking of him around that time when I am usually listening even if not calling.


  3. Thanks Jon, for you kind words for our dear friend Mal. Of course i know he spoke to jon g7jyl nearly every day when mobile. It took many years before i returned to 2mtrs as I have such a love for hf. However on my return i came across the “mouth of the south” Mal a few years ago and also became close to him. We had many long enjoyable chats, that gave us much to laugh and joke about ! I have of course met and enjoyed his company at home, with his sweet lovalbe quadreplect, “stan the man” doggy! Even when not in radio contact we would chat on the phone and message one another.! His passing has arrived so quickly, that it was a big shock to myself even though i was aware he had become ill a few weeks ago. Lifes events kept me busy and I only just heard of his passing. Yes i am already missing Mal and will continue to do so, I feel privieged to have known him. RIP DEAR FRIEND MAL G1NOX.

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  4. The funeral will be held on Tuesday 23 August at Falconwood Crematorium at 3.30pm.


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