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RSGB Convention 2022 dining companions

Inside Kent Hills Park

When I was in business I always believed in networking and it seemed to work best when sharing meals. I ran a breakfast networking group for quite a while.

Anyway, here is a summary of my Convention mealtime networking, or at least of my fellow diners.

Dinner Friday

ZS6BUN Dick SSB operation on the HF bands and weak signal working on the VHF bands. Dick had flown all Thursday night Friday morning and come to Milton Keynes, rather short of sleep I think.

Breakfast Saturday


Dinner Saturday

G0CKV Olof Presenting “Dxpeditions to 3B8”

M0OHV Piet

G3VKW Keith

M0IFT Dave

Breakfast Sunday

GM3SEK Ian Well known radio designer, constructor and contester whom I had never met and I just happened to grab a space on the table where he was sitting. To date I have worked him 24 times on 144 and 432. And of course also at the breakfast table…

MM0WNW Nadine, Ian’s wife.

Apologies to anyone else I might have eaten with but whose name and callsign I failed to write down. It was a pleasure to meet everyone.


RSGB Convention 2022 – the venue

Inside the sloping courtyard at Kent Hills

The Convention was held as previously at the Kent Hills Park Conference and Training Centre in Milton Keynes on 8th to 10th October. I had attended my first Convention in 2019, which I enjoyed and due to Covid there was none in either 2020 or 2021, though the RSGB managed virtual conventions with live streams and recordings of the presentations by the chosen speakers. This had worked well, but of course the social aspect was very much missing. That is why I felt I must do my best to attend in 2022, which I did.

The accommodation at Kent Hills as of a reasonable standard as one would expect at a conference centre, but mostly single rooms with ensuite bathrooms. As some of you may know, I have had recent health issues which have affected my mobility. I found that with the arrangement of furniture it was difficult for me to manoeuvre myself in and out of bed, and in the bathroom, there was a shower over the bath, rather than a walk-shower, and again this caused me difficulty. If you have similar issues like me, you should ask for a more suitable room if going next time, which I understand from a staff member would be available.

The accommodation in general is three hundred rooms spread out in separate buildings over two floors, but all connected with covered passages to the conference rooms, bar, and restaurant etc, so no need to face the weather if it is poor. During the 2019 Conference it rained most of the time on all three days.

So that is mainly about the venue. I will tell you about the lectures shortly.

RSGB Convention 2019


Bletchley Park – a taster

The weekend before last I attended the Convention held 11th to 13th October. It was my first, having been away from amateur radio for more than thirty years until my serious return in February 2018.

On Friday 11th I took the time during the day to visit Bletchley Park, which should perhaps be the subject for another post.

The Convention started with a welcome dinner, self-service, on the evening of 11th, sponsored by Martin Lynch. There was a choice but I had the “Indian”, which was fine.

The following morning the lectures began, and most I attended were in the VHF stream, starting with an interesting talk by Simon Watts, G3XXH, about Airborne Maritime Reconnaissance Radars for the RAF, 1946 to 2010. I slipped out for the HF propagation talk by Gwyn Williams, G4FKH before returning to VHF for the report on the IC9700 by Sam Jewell, G4DDK. I was most interested as I have just bought one. In the end I was not sure whether he thought the rig was a super DX machine for VHF. I will have to make up my own mind in due course.

After lunch on the Saturday I attended the talk by Chris Deacon, G4IFX on polarisation of 50 MHz signals via Sporadic E, the one by Marcus Walden G0IJZ about tropo ducts, and later the presentation by Richard Banester, G4CDN concerning 2m ionoscatter. Fascinating stuff.

In the evening there was a formal dinner which was good, but I did not stay for the after-dinner address as I was very tired.

After breakfast on Sunday, probably the best meal of the day, we heard from Noel Matthews, G8GTZ, about EME from the 32m dish at Goonhilly, which was very entertaining, and then from Chris Whitmarsh, G0FDZ about working 122 GHz and up. Something for the really clever guys! Neil Smith G4DBN then spoke about decoding with MGM (if I can hear it, why won’t it decode?) and after lunch he also spoke about getting started with MGM, substituting for M1BXF who was unwell. I hope he is better now.

That was the end of my Convention, which I enjoyed, and which was good value for money, I thought. In between the lectures I had time to visit the various stands. Martin Lynch as sponsors had a long bench, and Icom, Yaesu and Kenwood were also represented. There was a substantial RSGB bookstall where I bought my book on the IC9700 (very useful), and in another room various organisations were represented, such as RAIBC, CDXC, and the UK Microwave Group.

I am looking forward to next year. It was a very rainy weekend, but we did not have to brave the weather as all walkways between the buildings were covered. The accommodation was adequate although I did have a couple of issues with my room, but that is a minor complaint. All-in-all, time well spent.